FALL 2024 -"THE GREAT GENERATION. Tales of Love and Loss" 

    OCTOBER: An evening of two one-act plays with a musical interlude spanning 1931-1944

    NOVEMBER: Musical set in a London tube station against the backdrop of the Blitz 1940-1941


    ONE ACTS w/ MUSICAL INTERLUDE -Performance Dates: OCTOBER 17 (PM), 19 (PM), 20 (Matinee) -

    No performance on 10/18 due to CB West football game and parking



    The year is 1931. A father, mother and two of their three surviving children drive from Newark, New Jersey to Camden to visit their married daughter. In true Thornton Wilder fashion, their journey is punctuated by talk, laughter, memories (some mundane, some happy, some painful) and appreciation of the Now – ham and eggs, flowers, family, sunsets and the joy of being alive. In this family drama, nothing much happens, yet everything important happens. As Ma Kirby says, “There's nothin' like bein' liked by your family.” This is a sweet yet poignant love letter to a simpler time. 


    MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Featuring music and dance from 1931-1944


    Join our talented cast of dancers and singers as they take a trip across the decade from 1931 to 1944 from jazz to big band and swing 



    In 1944, four young women take newly-available jobs at one of the largest munitions factories in the United States: the Badger Ordnance Works. Facing dangerous work with highly flammable powder as well as insidious sexism, the women form an unlikely friendship through joy and heartbreak. A vibrant ensemble brings the factory to life as each of the women confronts not only the challenges of entering the workforce in the darkest days of World War II, but also who she is and what she truly values. Unforgettable human stories make the era immediate in this captivating ensemble drama.


    MUSICAL: Alice By Heart -Performance Dates: NOVEMBER 21 (PM), 22 (PM), 23 (PM), 24 (Matinee) 



    SPRING 2025 - "Love found" 

    MUSICAL: Cinderella -Performance Dates: Fri May 2 (PM) Sat May 3 (Matinee & PM) Sun May 4 (Matinee)