• Dudo scholarship

    Regina Dudo Harlequin Club Scholarship
    Regina Dudo served as the Business Manager for the Harlequin Club for three seasons between 2017-2020. During that short time she made a profound impact on the club both in her strong commitment to all her business activities but also in her evident care and support of all the students. She was someone who could always be counted on to get things done and showed a determination to figure out how to do anything asked of her. She found so much joy in seeing the Harlequin students thrive in whatever they were doing. Even days before her passing she was watching a club virtual cabaret from her hospital room and posting positive, encouraging comments for all the performers. Though she faced a difficult diagnosis, she never complained and stayed focused on doing what she needed to do to feel better and be able to help those around her. The Regina Dudo Harlequin Club Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who demonstrates her character strengths of courage, optimism, hard work, determination, dependability, kindness and love of theater.

    The 2020 and first recipient of the Regina Dudo Harlequin Scholarship Award was Arielle Atkinson. She is currently at Bringham Young University majoring in Fashion Design with a concentration in costuming.  Congrats Arielle!



    The 2021 recipient of the Regina Dudo Harlequin Scholarship Award was Alison Silldorff. She is currently at Princeton University majoring in Computer Science.  Congrats Alison!