• THE HARLEQUIN CLUB is a fully self-funded extracurricular club. All production costs, equipment, costumes, tech costs, subsidized student activities and most contractors are paid through club funds.


  • All cast members are required to sell at least $50 in ads for the show program.


    Create a special AD to celebrate your favorite cast member/members

    or sell the AD space to your favorite local business.

    (Our programs see anywhere from 1000-4000 views over the course of a show run)


    All ADS must be in .jpg, .png or .gif format

    CREATE YOUR AD EASILY ON CANVA or send your image w/ title or wording to 


    FULL PAGE AD -$100

    HALF PAGE AD -$50


    Pixel size: Width 2120 Height 3176

    Pixel size: Width 2120 Height 1548

    Pixel size: Width 1856 Height 1032

  • Fundraising Events/Opportunities are created and run by parents/directors and students and have included Character Breakfasts, Dine & Donate Events, Fantasy Football, Bake Sales, Merch Sales, Food Trucks and more. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, please reach out to the Parent Fundraising Coordinator and/or Student Officer Treasurer. Fundraising not only helps us with production costs but helps subsidize events, workshops and meals for our club members. 

  • Donations are always welcome in every size and shape, from cash to snacks for the cast. 

    Show your support by becoming a Harlequin Club VIP with your $250 donation!

    • Receive a special program listing for three years 
    • Two premium seats for each of the next two main stage shows
    • Get a backstage tour after the show with members of the cast/crew 
    • Great legacy gift for departing families (or new families)  


    Monetary donations can be made payable to the "CB WEST STUDENT ACTIVITIES FUND"  and placed in the Harlequin Club Drop Box.