• Program Planning information for the 2022-2023 school year

    CLASS OF 2025: Our Rising Sophomores (class of 2025) are encouraged to utilize the videos below to learn more about course options at CB South. Students and Parents of the Class of 2025 are welcome to share questions on THIS LINK. We will follow up with answers in an FAQ format following the Curriculum Fair.

    • We encourage the students and families of our Class of 2025 to WATCH THIS VIDEO PRIOR TO makind decisions about course selections. This video will highlight information about Block Scheduling, Graduation Requirements, Course Selection, and other welcome information to our rising sophomores!

    CLASS OF 2023 & 2024 & 2025

    • Class of 2023 should watch THIS VIDEO prior to selecting courses.
    • Class of 2024 should watch THIS VIDEO prior to selecting courses.
    • Class of 2025 should watch THIS VIDEO prior to selecting courses.

    Please refer to the timeline for course registration for the 2022-2023 school year for our CURRENT sophomores and juniors.

    • January 4  Program of Studies is available on the District Website. Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to review the department videos BELOW to familiarize themselves with the courses offered at CB South. Interested in Middle Bucks Institute of Technology? Please check out their Programs and their Application webpage for more information!
    • January 13 (originally January 6th)  Curriculum Fair for Rising Sophomores @ CB South 6:30PM HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL THURSDAY, JANUARY 13th at 6:30PM (A-K, 7:30 L-Z).  
    • January 6  Current Sophomores and Juniors will receive information on course selection and information about program planning in their Titan Forums. Instructionscourse selection sheetsblock scheduling worksheets will be emailed to students/families. Please see Mr. Bucher's email and his January 8th Newsletter entry about Program Planning.
    • January 19 A live-streamed presentation will be held by school counselors durng Titan Forum to review credits, registration instructions, prerequisites, etc.
    • January 7 - February 6  Students will enter course selections online in Student Portal.  While the portal is open, students are encouraged to see their counselors with questions about courses, levels, sequencing, and how their programming can relate to future pursuits.
    • February 7- March 15  Counselors will review requests, prerequisites, graduation credits, and will address all questions and concerns with students. Any changes must be communicated by students to their counselors as they will no longer have access to make changes themselves.
    • March 25  Verification of course requests will be available on the student portal. Students and parents should review for accuracy at this time and see their counselor with any final changes. 
    • April 1  All changes to requests must be submitted to a counselor by this date. No changes will be allowed for the 2022-23 school year after April 1 unless it is due to a level change supported by the recommending teacher or a failure to meet a prerequisite.


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    Visit www.cbsd.org/cyber for more information and see flyer below! 


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