• Verification Report Instructions

    Instructions to access Verification Reports can be found in the link above.

    A message from our principal Mr. Bucher, sent via email on 4/20/2020:

    Dear Students and Parents of the Class of 2021 and 2022,

    This communication relays important information about student schedules for the 2019-20 school year and course requests for 2020-21.

    Due to school closures, schedule adjustments were made to some students’ 2019-20 schedules.   All 9-week courses that were to begin in the 4th Marking Period were removed from student schedules.  In lieu of beginning new MP4 courses, all MP3 courses were extended to run through the end of the year.  This means students are not being introduced to any new courses or new teachers; their schedules are remaining as they were on 3/12/2020.  Schedules that had no new courses beginning in MP4 were not adjusted.  Credit values for courses that are extending are not changing.  Counselors will work with students to ensure that their graduation requirements will be met and that those pursuing scholars diplomas will continue to be able to do so.

    During the months of January and February, your student completed their Program Planning for the 2020-21 School Year.  As course requests are being finalized, there are two remaining dates to be aware of:

    April 20th: Verification reports will be made available to students on the portal. Students can request a change by emailing their counselor directly.

    Instructions on how to access Verification Reports on the portal can be found on the Program Planning Page of the Guidance Website. 

    April 27th:  This is the last day students may change course requests for next year. 

    Students should look their course verifications carefully to confirm the courses they have previously requested are accurate and sequentially appropriate.  If a student would like to request an elective that was removed from MP4 this year, they should email their counselor to add that course to next year’s requests.  Courses were not automatically transferred to next year’s requests.

    We understand that some students might need more time to determine their readiness for the next course in sequence.   We would encourage all students to have an open discussion with their teachers about recommendations/course placements for next year.  At the end of the school year if a student feels they need to make a level adjustment to their requests, they should discuss this with their teacher AND email their counselor before the last day of school.  However, changes to electives cannot be made after April 27th.


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  • Schedules:

    Schedules for the 2020-2021 school year will be available on Infinite Campus at the end of the summer

    Course Changes:

    The Central Bucks high schools follow the district guidelines of the Critical Course Change PolicyThis policy states that "Changes in course requests will ONLY be honored for the following two reasons: (1) failure to meet the required prerequisite; or (2) a level change that must be approved by the principal."  Therefore, changes cannot be made because of lack/change of interest, to accommodate work/sports schedules, for early release/late arrival senior year, to move lunch shifts, etc.  This policy applies all three years of high school.

    Schedule Conflicts:

    Once schedules are released to students, it can be assumed that all possible avenues to resolve any schedule conflicts have been explored by counselors.  If an original request could not be accommodated, alternate courses were utilized.  There are places in some students' schedules where study hall is the only option.