• CB South Social Studies Department

    Social Studies Globe  

    The CB South Social Studies Department will develop students who use social studies understanding and skills to be self-directed learners, critical thinkers, and effective citizens in a globalized and democratic society.


    The students will have regular opportunities to:

    • investigate topics in depth and make meaning of their learning,
    • demonstrate their strengths and exercise responsibility by choosing topics of interest for inquiry, and
    • connect American and global history, the history and culture of diverse social groups, and the community that surrounds them to their lives.

    Social studies learning will;

    • be built on the prior knowledge of their lives and communities,
    • involve exploration of questions that challenge student thinking and require problem solving about significant human issues,
    • involve students inactive participation and cooperative learning in the classroom and wider community,
    • include engaging real-world resources and technology beyond textbooks,
    • involve students in researching, analyzing, writing, discussing, and deliberating about authentic topics, and
    • reflect the importance of students’ thinking in the discipline, their preparation to be responsible citizens and ability to transfer learning, rather than emphasizing memorization of decontextualized facts.