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  • The purpose of the Lunch and Learn program is to create a schedule that reflects a culture of self-efficacy, trust, and joy. The Lunch and Learn program aligns with our highest priority as educators-meeting the needs of every student every day.


    In this 63-minute time during the school day, students will eat lunch and choose from a variety of activities based on their daily needs.


    If you would like to learn about the Pilot in greater detail the informational booklet can be found here

Lunch & Learn Overview Video

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    Lunch & Learn -

    Lunch & Learn

    Please take a moment to view the highlight video explaining the Lunch & Learn concept that we are excited to bring to CB South this year! 

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Lunch and Learn Video - Students

Lunch & Learn - Parent Council Presentation 1/19/2022

Lunch & Learn - Important Points of Information

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  • The Lunch and Learn program will address several elements from the District's Vision for our Schools. Please visit our Vision website for additional information about our complete district vision. 


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Student Expectations

  • At all times, students are to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and observe the rules of courtesy to everyone. In addition, students are expected to clean the area where they eat, return lunch trays to the assigned areas, and stay in the areas designated for Lunch and Learn. Tray return bins and trash receptacles will be distributed throughout the campus. Student misconduct will result in a referral to Administration and potentially a temporary loss of Lunch and Learn privileges.



    • Eat lunch
    • Access teachers
    • Exercise (fitness center, gymnasium)
    • Make up missed work Participate in enrichment opportunities
    • Exercise
    • Socialize with friends
    • participate in study groups
    • Participate in enrichment opportunities