• Research Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Fidler

    Description: The Research Club aims to make the idea of doing and pursuing research less daunting and more accessible. We want to share knowledge about creating a project and the steps to executing and presenting one. We also want to dive into the current state of research to discuss new topics and engage with current findings! Because CB South does not offer the AP Research class, participation in the club can act as a start to learning about research. A large amount of college students are required, or decide themselves, to complete research. Having knowledge in research and opportunities to research can provide students with the resources necessary to be successful at the college research level. We plan to bring guest speakers knowledgeable in research, teach about basics of research and jobs offered in research, hold fundraisers to support research, and guide students on how to complete their own research. Through this club, students are able to learn more about their own interests and explore the idea of research pursuit as South does not currently offer the opportunities to discover their potential passion.     

    Meetings: TBD