• STEM Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Orchinik

    Description: STEM Club is primarily for students who foster a passion for learning experiences, workshops, projects, and STEM competitions. STEM Club will allow students to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition to expanding one’s knowledge, STEM Club will encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and communication/teamwork. STEM Club’s goal is to create a supportive community ready to learn and grow together.  

    Meetings: Meetings will be held in Mrs. Orchinik’s room. Specific dates can be found on the CB South news page.

    For questions or interest, please contact:
    Aaman Sheth @ Sheth.A023@student.cbsd.org (Co-President)
    Siddarth Thota @ Thota.S012@student.cbsd.org (Co-President)
    Shreyas Trivedi @ trivedi.s068@student.cbsd.org (Vice-President)