• Vision Dr. John J. Kopicki The rich heritage of the Central Bucks School District is evident in all that we do. Our students achieve at high levels, and we are continually cited as one of the finest school districts in the region, state and country. Yet we know we must strive for continuous growth and advancement. The field of education is an ever-evolving one, and our vision reflects that.

    This strategic plan is truly a collaboration, reflective of the great diversity of perspectives and experience of our faculty. Over the last year, our teachers and administrators met to chart a path forward for continuous improvement and educational excellence. Meeting in groups we discussed, debated, and analyzed; Where are we now as a school district, and where do we want to be over the next five years? Our conversations were informed by educational best practices and inspired by our nation’s educational leaders. They were also focused around the singular goal of doing the best we possibly can for each of our students.

    We set goals annually for the most essential elements of our school system: our academic programs and achievement, professional development for staff, technology infrastructure, facilities management, connections with our community, and our fiscal responsibility. Our strategic plan addresses each of these areas in detail, with summaries being represented in this document.

    As we progress through this plan, we will gather feedback from parents, students, community members, and our staff. We’ll issue annual updates and adjust course as needed. Our plan is a beginning that we will build on as we move into the future. We value each other’s insights and opinions, and we will work collectively toward our goals.

    I’m very proud of the excellent work that occurs daily in the Central Bucks School District, and I’m excited about the possibilities that exist. Please join us as we look ahead. The future is extremely bright.


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     John J. Kopicki, Ed.D.

    Glen Schloeffel The Central Bucks School Leadership Team is very pleased to present this Vision and Strategic Plan to our community. We think of this as our road map for the next five years, as we work collectively to take an already high performing school district to even greater levels of achievement.

    Strategic planning can be both invigorating and tedious. For the past year our faculty worked collaboratively at all levels to set priorities, focusing on student achievement and what we need to accomplish in order to advance over the next five years. Each member of our faculty offered input, bringing his or her unique viewpoints to the table – evaluating, endorsing, expanding upon, and sometimes challenging the ideas their colleagues brought forth.

    They asked themselves critical questions, such as:

     - What kinds of technology do we need to have in place for our students and staff in order to
    perform as a world class school system?

    - How can we improve our faculty’s training and professional development to ensure our teaching
    strategies are as effective as possible?

    - What can we do to create exemplary learning environments – physically, emotionally, and socially?

    - How can we ensure that we’re maintaining a healthy infrastructure in all business and management
    functions, and create a facilities plan that considers fluctuations in growth and enrollment?

    Ultimately, the plan that was developed is one based on a clear, optimistic vision of academic excellence. It’s collaborative and cohesive, and encompasses many aspects of our school system. The plan empowers our administrators to move the district toward ambitious but attainable goals, while allowing our teachers and other staff the time and tools needed to focus daily on the students in our classrooms.

    Thank you for taking time to read this document. We welcome and invite your feedback, and look forward to sharing our progress.

    Glenn M. Schloeffel
    President, CBSD Board of School Directors