• What are students responsible for in the Application Process?  Seniors, for more detailed information and documents, please access your Class of 2023 Canvas Page

    * Submitting the Release of Records Authorization (RRA) to Senior Guidance Office which gives us permission to send your transcript(s). Fill this out only ONCE - Forms will be available 9/6/2022.

    * Completing and submitting your applications in advance of deadlines.

    * Sending official test scores from College Board or ACT. Scores are NOT on your High School Transcript.

    * Requesting your Transcript through Naviance. Do not do this until AFTER you have submitted your application to the college.

    * Requesting teacher and counselor letters of recommendation through Naviance.  There is likely a recommendation survey (in Naviance) that must be completed prior to requesting a recommendation from teachers.  Counselor survey (in Naviance) is REQUIRED for Counselor Recs.

    * Allow 15 SCHOOL DAYS for academic records and letters of recommendation to be uploaded and sent to colleges. Requests inside of this window may not be submitted until after the application deadline.  Please be mindful of deadlines IN ADVANCE.



    • Class size:  587 students
    • We have a grading scale of 4.0.
    • We do not rank for college admissions purposes.  Answer "N/A" to the ranking question.
    • Our CEEB (College Board) code is:  394992
    • You can find your current cumulative GPA on your Unofficial Transcript, in your Student Portal (under 'Reports').
    • List your 9th grade classes under "Central Bucks HS South" with your other courses (you cannot select Unami or Tamanend MS). 

    Important:  When filling out the Common App, DO NOT LIST YOUR COUNSELORS OR TEACHERS AS RECOMMENDERS.  We are a "Naviance School," which means we send recommendations through Naviance, not Common App.  



    IMPORTANT: Transcripts take 15 days for processing! We cannot ensure that requests not meeting these deadlines will go out in sufficient time.


                                                                Transcript must be
    If application is due by:                       Requested in Naviance by:

    October 1, 2022                                  September 9, 2022
    October 15, 2022                                September 22, 2022
    November 1, 2022                              October 11, 2022
    November 15, 2022                             October 25, 2022
    December 1, 2022                               November 5, 2022
    January 1, 2023                                  December 2, 2022
    January 15, 2023                               December 15, 2022
    February 1, 2023                                January 11, 2023
    February 15, 2023                              January 26, 2023
    March 1, 2023                                     February 7, 2023