• PLEASE READ THE FAQs, College Application Process Packet, & Quick Guide to the right of this page to assist you through the College Application and records request processes  

    What students are responsible for:

    * Submitting the Release of Records Authorization (RRA) to Senior Guidance Office which gives us permission to send your transcript(s). Fill this out only ONCE.

    * Completing and submitting your applications in advance of deadlines.

    * Sending official test scores from College Board or ACT. Scores are NOT on your High School Transcript.

    * Requesting your Transcript through Naviance. Do this AFTER you have submitted your application to the college.

    * Requesting teacher and counselor letters of recommendation through Naviance (not through Common App!).

    * Allow 15 SCHOOL DAYS for academic records and letters of recommendation to be uploaded and sent to colleges.  Please be mindful of deadlines so you allow sufficient time for teachers/counselors to prepare and submit records.



                                                                     Transcript must be
    If application is due by:                         requested in Naviance by:

    October 15, 2023                                                         September 22, 2023

    November 1, 2023                                                       October 10, 2023

    November 15, 2023                                                     October 23, 2023

    December 1, 2023                                                       November 6, 2023

    January 1, 2024                                                            December 4, 2023

    January 15, 2024                                                          December 15, 2023

    February 1, 2024                                                          January 10, 2024

    February 15, 2024                                                        January 23, 2024