• Financial Aid

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is FREE and can be accessed after October 1st of a student's SENIOR YEAR in high school.  Go to https://fafsa.ed.gov/ to begin the process.  Need a Step-by-Step tutorial of how to complete each FAFSA section?  Watch these videos to help ease the confusion! 
    Want to learn more about Pennsylvania State Grants and other financial aid?  Please visit the PHEAA website which has a lot of valuable information.  In addition, this video provides an overview of the financial aid application process, including information on PA State Grants, scholarships, student loan programs, and completing the FAFSA.
    One of the most comprehensive sites about financial aid is the US Dept of Education Financial Aid Toolkit. This site has countless resources to help you understand the financial aid process, how to complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile, create an FSA ID, learn about state grants, and watch demos about filling out online forms.
    Please review the FINANCIAL AID OVERVIEW for more information about completing the FAFSA.
    FAFSA4caster help you understand your options for paying for college.  It will provide some basic information and estimate your eligibility for federal student aid.
    Some schools require the CSS Profile for additional Financial Aid Information.  Please review THIS DOCUMENT for information on the Profile.
    Looking for a One-Stop Shop for all your financial aid questions?  Visit BIGFUTURE for videos, worksheets, and tons of valuable resources!
    Financial Aid Calculators can help families get an idea of the cost of their student debt early on or make plans for repayment using these calculators. Additionally, these tools also help demonstrate key concepts when it comes to loans in general, such as how interest accrues, how loans differ from one another, how refinancing affects loan repayment, etc.  Click here to access Free Financial Aid Calculators.
    Find various Financial Aid Calculators and other financial aid