Review Game: Nametags

Posted by Corinne on 4/12/2013

Create nametags on an index card and attach yarn so students can easily slip the nametags over their head.  Each nametag has one word - a concept, vocabulary term, math solution, etc.  Create index cards with facts about that answer or the math work that will result in the solution.  A good guide is to create three index cards 'per answer'.  For example, if the answer is "pulmonary system" (Hello, my name is Pulmonary System), there will be three index cards with facts unique to the pulmonary system.

Place the nametags on the kids.  The nametags should be on the student's back so they cannot see their own nametag.  Mix up the index cards and pass those out. The students can read all the answers by looking at the nametags on people's backs, and they have to give the correct index cards to the correct people.

The students get a chance to connect the answers to the properties, and then they have to read the index cards they received to figure out what nametag is on their own back.
Many teachers use headbands instead of nametags.
Although the description of this game can be found many places, this was adapted from: 


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