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  • Shining Eyes

    Posted by CORINNE SIKORA on 4/1/2014

    And you know, I have a definition of success. For me, it's very simple. It's not about wealth and fame and power. It's about how many shining eyes I have around me. - Benjamin Zander

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  • Flipped Classroom

    Posted by CORINNE SIKORA on 1/31/2014
    My week had bookends of teaching innovation.  Monday began with a full day of teachers learning from teachers.  It is always inspiring to participate in a day of professional development and listen as CB teachers share ideas.  Friday ended with a visit to a classroom where a middle school  math teacher is implementing a blended idea of a flipped classroom.  Students watched a 5-minute video for homework and used a note-taking guide to follow along. Time in class was focused on working through problems and answering student questions.
    Screencast-O-Mastic is an online tool that will help you create quick videos for the classroom.  Reach out to any of the CB staff developers to learn more about this tool.
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  • Holicong Teacher Featured in the NY Times

    Posted by CORINNE SIKORA on 1/30/2014

    Check out Brett Vogelsinger's shout out from the NY Times!  He asked his students to rewrite content from To Kill a Mockingbird in the style of a recent Times article.  The student writing is impressive. Click here to see the Google Doc created by Brett's students.

    Click on the image to read the full article and see the writing by our Holicong students.

    NY Times
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  • Anchor Activities

    Posted by CORINNE SIKORA on 1/29/2014
    A teacher at the high school is going to implement Anchor Activities for the first time in a co-teaching classroom.  This is an awesome strategy for any classroom, but especially wonderful for students that have a range of abilities.  It allows students to be working on relevant activities while the teacher meets with small groups. 
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  • RRRR: Classroom Expectations

    Posted by CORINNE SIKORA on 1/28/2014
    classroom rules
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  • PBS Learning Media

    Posted by CORINNE SIKORA on 1/15/2014
    PBS Learning Media has many resources for teachers.  Register to have news alerts sent directly to Outlook.
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