• This is the only exit ticket you may ever need.  Give this to students on the first day ofschool and have them keep it in a safe place in their binder.  Use it whenever you need a ticket out thedoor.


    Have students write the number of the question at the top of theirticket.


    1.        Is there a concept or skill that we went overtoday that you didn’t understand?

    2.       Whatquestion popped into your head during today’s lesson? Is there something further you would like to know?

    3.       What was the most challenging part of today’s lesson? Why?

    4.       Who made acomment or question today that was very helpful/insightful?  What was the comment/question?  Why did it strike you?

    5.       How could what you learned today be useful in the real world? Why do you need this skill in the real world?

    6.       Can you make any connections from what you learned in today’s class to what you’ve learned in another class? Explain.

    7.        If you were the teacher today, what would you add to today’s lesson?  Why?

    8.       If you were the teacher today, which part of today’s lesson would you take out?  Why?

    9.       Is there a song or movie that you could link to today’s lesson? Explain.

    10.   Do you feel like a better person because of today’s lesson? Explain.

    11.   Explain today’s lesson in your own words.