Review Game: A to Z Summaries

Posted by Corinne on 4/12/2013

Use alphabet refrigerator magnets (or bulletin board letters) to create a whiteboard splash review.

1.       At the end of a unit, assign students a letter of the alphabet (or given them cardboard or magnetic letters).

2.       Ask students to create a one-sentence summary of the lesson, beginning their sentence with the assigned letter.

3.      Do a chalkboard splash, attaching the sentences and magnetic letters to the board so students can review their peers’ sentence summaries.

As an alternative, you can also have pairs or groups fill out this worksheet.  Students write down a word from the unit that begins with each letter of the alphabet.


Source: Himmele, P. a. (2011). Total Participation Techniques: Making Every Student an Active Learner. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.


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