Learning Targets: Helping Students Aim for Understanding in Today's Lesson

by Connie Moss and Susan Brookhart Year Published: 2012
In this book, Connie Moss and Susan Brookhart create a twist on the SWBAT seen in many classrooms.  Instead, they write the daily and larger goals for students in kid-friendly language, using "I will be able to..." to communicate their expectations.  This minor switch helps students to take ownership of their learning.  The idea is that students will read the "I will be able to...", know the target, participate in the lesson and know when they have achieved your objective.  This book outlines the strategies and goes in depth on how to create learning targets for all of your units.  Fair warning: It can be too overwhelming to follow all the steps suggested, but the conversation about learning targets is worthy of the read.
Danielson FFT
1a: Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy
1c: Setting instructional outcomes
1e: Designing coherent instruction
1f: Designing student assessment
3a: Communicating with students
4a: Reflecting on teacher and student learning