Outlook Email

  • In July the Central Bucks IT Department moved all district email accounts to Microsoft's cloud version of Outlook in Office 365. One of the major incentives for making this switch was to have both students and staff on the same platform making it easier to collaborate, to take advantage of new Microsoft cloud based tools and to provide larger mailbox storage.

    • Web interface will look like this screen:

    Outlook in Office 365 sample screen


    • Outlook Desktop Client: You may be prompted to re-enter your logon credentials on your district laptop or computer. If so, reboot your computer and re-open Outlook. Enter your username and password (yourusername@cbsd.org Password: Youruserpassword) 


    • Mobile Devices (includes phones, iPads, tablets)  Follow the instructions provided to remove and re-add your CB email to your device.



    • Staff will still be able to access their mail through the Outlook client on their district computers and laptops. Click on the Outlook icon on your computer to launch the client. Outlook Icon

    • You can access you web-based email in two different ways on your laptop or desktop computer using a web browser: 

      • OPTION 1: Go to Outlook.Office365.com and login.
        Username:  yourusername@cbsd.org
        Password:   enter your district password
      • OPTION 2: Go to Office 365 and click on the link to Sign-In

    Office 365 Login Logo
    After you have signed-in, click on the waffle in the top left of the screen to display the application tiles. Choose the tile that says "Mail".


    Important Information

    • OneNote - If you have OneNote notebooks, please follow the instructions below and/or watch this short video that will explain the steps:

      • Launch OneNote on your laptop or computer
      • Close each Notebook by clicking on File and clicking the arrow under Settings for each notebook and choose Close.
        OneNote Close Notebooks

      • After you have closed all your notebooks, login to Office 365 and re-open each notebook and choose "Edit in OneNote". This will re-establish the link to each of the notebooks on your computer.

    • Shared Office 365 files - If you are unable to open or get an error when opening any files such as OneNote, Word, Excel or Powerpoint that were shared with you, please do the following:
      • OneNote - Close all OneNote notebooks in the desktop version first
      • Login to Office 365
      • Click on Shared with Me
      • Locate the file and then open it. This will re-establish the correct link to the file.

        IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have shared an existing document or notebook with others, you will need to re-share it so they are able to see and access it.

        If you are unable to see or access a document or notebook that was shared with you, contact the owner of the document or notebook and ask them to re-share with you.

    • Skype - Your Skype username will change to yourusername@cbsd.org Click HERE for instructions to change it.

    • To get familiar with Outlook on the web for Office 365, setup email signatures, create contact lists and more, go to the Outlook Help Page HERE.

    • For instructions on setting up your CB Email on your mobile device, click HERE.

    • For all other questions or help, contact the CBSD HelpDesk.
      Call 267-893-2100 throughout the summer, Monday thru Thursday,
      7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.