• Technology Accessories

  • Please use the links below for replacement parts and accessories for district technology. 



  • laptop accessories



  • Accessories for students to purchase are available in My Payments Plus(MPP).  A student can purchase an item, print the receipt and bring the receipt to the school. You must place a Help Desk Ticket so that the school can arrange a time for pick-up. The items below can be purchased on MPP by students.


    Grades 3 - 12:

    • Lenovo Pens - $35.00
    • Lenovo Chargers - $35.00
    • Laptop Bags - $15.00
    • Pen Tips - $1.00


    Batteries do not need to be purchased for the pens.  They are rechargeable.  If a pen battery is not working, the warranty covers this.  Students would place a ticket for this to be fixed like any other item that breaks.



  • ipad accessories



    apple power adapter


                                apple lightening cable