• 8/14/23

    Note:  1 to 1 Registration is now open.



    Dear Central Bucks Families:


    We hope that you had a relaxing summer.  Our team is gearing up for the 2023-24 school year which includes handing out student laptops.


    The Technology and Innovation Department is excited to kick off our student device distribution. All Central Bucks’ students will either receive a device this year or continue to use the device that was issued last year.  Below is a chart that lists the device that will be issued by grade level as well as the cost of the usage fee.  The distribution date will be sent to you by your school.


    Even if your child has his/her own device, we are asking that you participate in our program to allow for a consistent learning platform for our students.  All students in a grade level will receive a device equipped with: internet filtering, software, tech support for break/fix, and access to instructional tools and resources used by our teachers. You can learn more on our FAQ page: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/38121


    First Steps for Families:

    The first step prior to distribution is to enroll online and pay a usage fee. The usage fee covers the at-home and in-school use of a device, a charger, and insurance for accidental breaks.  We have different pricing structures for elementary students as they will pay $15 a year and secondary families will pay $60 in 7th grade and $60 in 10th grade.  Each payment for secondary will be good for three years.  We have prorated payments for all secondary students who are new to Central Bucks.


    Who has to pay the fee?

    All students in grades 3-6, 7, 10 and new families* must complete the steps below prior to receiving a device.  

    *New students to Central Bucks in secondary will pay a prorated fee.  8th and 11th grade students will pay $40.  9th and 12th grade students will pay $20.  These students will complete the user agreement and bring a check made out to CBSD Schools to the device pick-up.  


    What steps does a family need to take prior to device handout?

      1. Beginning on August 14th, all families in grades 3-12 should visit: https://www.cbsd.org/1to1
      2. Parent/Guardian and Student will click on and read the 1:1 Handbook. 
      3. Parent/Guardian signs the user agreement and pays* the user fee via MyPaymentsPlus (MPP). Upon submitting the fee and MPP agreement, you are confirming that you have reviewed the information with your child.  


    The Fee Table:

    *Please note that the fee is reduced for families who are economically disadvantaged.  You will see the balance as $0 when entering MPP.  All families still need to complete steps 1-3 even if the balance is $0.  Additionally, new procedures for Free and Reduced guidelines are being established and sent out next week.


    **If you were not given a bag last year, the school can provide one for you. Students in grade 3 will receive a new bag this year.



    More Questions?

    If you are able to submit a Help Desk ticket for technical questions do so here. 

    Thank you for your support with the handout this year.  We hope that you have an amazing year with your child.  On behalf of the Technology and Innovation Department, good luck on the first day of school.



    Jason Jaffe
    Director of Technology and Innovation