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  • The Technology and Innovation Department is excited for another year of our 1:1 program. Please complete the following prior to your laptop pickup day.

    1. Parent and Student read the 1:1 Handbook.
    2. Parent signs the User Agreement and pays the user fee via MyPayments Plus.
    3. Student only signs the User Agreement via the Student Forms link.

  • 1) Parent/Guardian and Students Read 1:1 Laptop User Agreement

    Click below to view or print the Laptop Agreement. 

    User Agreement PDF


  • 2) Parent/Guardian Signs and Accepts 1:1 Laptop Agreement and Submits Payment

    Click below to enter My Payments Plus.**

    Payments Plus

     Find Your School's Student Activity Account and select 1:1 Laptop Agreement

    *Families who qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program will automatically receive a $0 fee in MyPayments Plus. Even though the fee is waived, families must still "checkout" to complete this step and be marked as paid on our technology report.

    **If you are a family dealing with financial hardships, please contact your building principal to discuss payment options.

  • 3) Student ONLY Accepts 1:1 Laptop Agreement and Completes Quiz.

    Click below to enter the Microsoft Forms Questionnaire.



  • If you have any questions about the 1:1 Initiative please email them to:



    IMPORTANT: Please note that personal laptops and tablets will not be permitted for use by students during the school day.