• Legitimate CBSD Email going to Spam 

    Teachers, principals, and district staff utilize Microsoft Office 365 email as one form of communication with parents/guardians. An ongoing challenge with all email communication is the risk of the messages being filtered as “Junk” or “Spam.”  Our Technology and Innovation Department has supported families with these concerns when occurrences of missed emails have been brought to our attention.  More recently, we have noticed an increased number of issues regarding outgoing CBSD emails being delivered to junk and spam folders, specifically with Verizon, AOL, and Yahoo. We are currently working with Microsoft to improve the proper delivery of emails to all email providers. Although we are hopeful to gain solutions, we do not believe this will be an immediate remediation due to the complexities of email rules that are created by each email provider. These providers are continually forced to make changes to their email rules to improve security and reduce spam, which can lead to sudden changes to inbox delivery.  

    We encourage you to employ these suggestions to minimize the chance of missing any legitimate emails.  

    1. Check your spam/junk folder regularly. These folders are programed to help you, but they occasionally filter emails improperly. 
    2. Add the sender’s email address to your contacts or address book. This tells your email service that you care about a particular sender’s emails.
    3. If a legitimate message ends up in spam, go to the folder, select the message you don’t consider spam, and click “Not Spam” (or a similarly labeled button.) Your email client will learn about your preferences as you do this.

    Receiving emails as a family is paramount to having successful communication with our schools. We are hopeful that our work with Microsoft and the recommendations above will improve your experience with our district’s email communications.