• Tech Support

    tech support

    Tips for Getting Started

    1) We have multiple layers of support available for students.

    2) All students K-12 now have the ability to place a Help Desk ticket.

    3) The Technology and Innovation Department are now able to support students virutally through Microsoft Teams. 


  • TECH Help Desk


    Support with Hardware and Software Issues

    Click the Icon Below to Place a Help Desk Ticket. It will be routed to a Building Computer Specialist. 

    help desk

    *NOTE: You will log in using the student's username and password. This is NOT the full email address. Ex: smith.j123

  • librarian 

    Support with Accessing and Logging Into Programs

    Contact your building librarian for support logging into district accounts and applications.

    You can find a list of building librarians here.

    If you have trouble accessing your librarian, please place a Help Desk ticket.


  • Technology Accessories

    If a student has a lost or broken accessory (charger, pen, or device case) they can following instructions on purchasing new ones here.

  • QUEST Teacher or Classroom Teacher

    Support with Using Programs and Applications

    All families are encouraged to use the family resources website to locate information on programs and applications. 

    Elementary students/families can contact their QUEST teacher for questions with using instructional tools. A list of QUEST teachers can be found here.

    Secondary families can contact one of their classroom teachers for support or place a Help Desk ticket.