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     Welcome 6th Grade & New Students and Parents!

    This page was made specifically for current 6th grade students and parents and new students as you transition to Holicong! 

    We are excited to have you join the Holicong community!

    Resources for new students & parents/guardians for 2024-2025

    Important Dates

    • Tuesday, February 6 - 6th Grade Music Bridge Concerts
    • Thursday, February 22 - 6th Grade Parent Orientation (presentation below)
    • Tuesday, May 21 - 6th Grade Student Visits/Orientation at Holicong (all feeder schools come to Holicong this day)
    • August (TBD) - Schedule Pickup & Orientation
    • August (TBD) - Open House 
    • TBD - 1st Day of School for Students!


    Other Resources!

    Prior Year (2023-2024) Resources for current 6th grade & new students/parents:

    • How to Read your Schedule - We will update these in the summer!

    Holicong Music Program - This link takes you to a video and PDF that provides more information regarding the music programs at Holicong.


  • Video List
    Holicong Video Tour -

    Holicong Video Tour

    Holicong Video Tour – This guided tour provides you with what a “day in the life of a 7th grader” might look like.  Liam and Mason visit all of the rooms and areas you would visit during a day and provide information along the way!

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  • Video List
    Holicong Locker Tutorial -

    Holicong Locker Tutorial

    Holicong Locker Tutorial – This short video shows you how to open a locker…and you can watch it multiple times.  But don’t worry…you will have plenty of time to practice on our own locker when you come to Holicong!

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  • Other Resources!

    The Holicong website includes a plethora of information!  The "Parents/Students" page has several subpage...and the links below will take you directly to a few that may be most relevant to you!

    Holicong Video Page - This page includes a variety of videos to help you get acquainted with what we do here!  On the 2nd page there are videos especially made for 6th grade students and include interviews with 7th grade students providing practical advice.

    Program Planning Page - This is the home base for 6th to 7th grade program planning and has a link to the Program of Studies.

    Student Handbook & Resources - This page includes a lot of information!