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     Holicong Dress Code Policy

     Holicong Dress Code Policy

    In order to create a positive school culture and ensure a learning community, Holicong communicates and enforces a dress code policy for all students.  The policy below is meant to reinforce the expectations of our community, and has been created and agreed upon by faculty, administration, and parents.  At Holicong we do want our students to be able to express their individuality, but this cannot be a deterrent to the learning environment.  The reality is that at times student dress can be a delicate topic between students and staff, and that is why it is imperative that we clearly communicate these standards and expectations to both students and parents in advance so everyone can plan appropriately for the coming school year. 

    What are some essential considerations relating to student dress?

    • The overwhelming numbers of Holicong students are always dressed appropriately for school.
    • Holicong is fortunate to be a climate-controlled building (including air conditioning) for comfort.
    • Students are asked to show consideration of others, display respect and responsibility, and help maintain the most productive academic atmosphere possible.

    Does Holicong have a dress code?

    • Holicong has dress standards which follow the guidelines of Central Bucks School District Policy #218: “Students are to dress and groom to meet community standards of safety, health and decency.”

    What are some examples of clothing which are not appropriate for school?

    • Hats of any type (prohibited during the school day; placed in lockers during the school day)
    • Jackets/Coats (placed in lockers during the school day)
    • Clothing with messages or pictures which show drug or alcohol symbols/products, cigarette advertisement, sexual innuendo, violence or hate, or other messages deemed inappropriate
    • Clothing which allows undergarments to show (including shorts with pockets that fall below the hemming of the shorts)
    • Backless/Strapless dresses
    • Tops which expose midriffs, cut low and are revealing
    • Tops which expose the maximum of the tops of shoulders (spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops)
    • Shorts, skirts, or skorts which are extremely short or tight (rule of thumb – put hands at side and fingertips hem should fall below fingertips)
    • Low riding pants (which lower even more when sitting in classroom chairs)
    • Unsafe adornments (e.g., hanging chains, spiked bracelets, spiked necklaces)


    Where are the standards of student dress applicable?

    • Acceptable standards for dress, grooming and modesty are adhered to on school grounds, on school buses, at school dances and other school sponsored activities.

    What will occur if a student is not dressed appropriately?

    • The student will be directed to comply by using gym apparel, items in the student’s locker, or clothing borrowed from the school or another student. If the student cannot find an appropriate change of clothing, the student will be sent to the office and clothing will be provided or the student can contact a parent to bring in appropriate attire.  At events outside the regular school day (e.g. dances), the parent will be called to escort the child home.
    • If a student is not in compliance on multiple occasions, he/she will be referred to administration.

    PARENT SUPPORT:  We hope this information is helpful in discussions with your child, particularly as the selection begins on back-to-school clothing.  Teaching our students the importance of dressing appropriately and also monitoring appropriate dress will be a partnership between the Holicong community of students, parents, and staff.  Your understanding, assistance and support are most appreciated.  Thank you!