CBSD and Holicong partners with Aramark Food Service to provide healthy breakfast and lunch options for our students.



    Aramark & Cafeteria – Food services are provided by Aramark Education.  

    • All menus are available to be viewed online up to 2 weeks in advance by visiting nutrislice.com
    • We are thrilled to continue to safely serve students delicious, fresh, and nutritious meals, and we are equally excited to re-introduce our favorite programs to deliver fun, exciting, and tasty experiences to students throughout the coming year.
    • Cafeteria seating is open (you can site where you choose!) but please know we do have rules about cafeteria behavior. This is a time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends, but we also need to ensure that the cafeteria remains clean and that students respect this area and our cafeteria staff.