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    Student Arrival and Dismissal



    Holicong Middle School

    Student Arrival and Dismissal


    Student safety is the number one priority at Holicong Middle School.  The busiest times of day occur at the beginning and end of school, when students arrive by either bus or parent pick-up and/or drop-off.  There is heavy traffic during these times, as we have busses, parents, and student drivers coming to both Holicong Middle School and our neighbors at CB East High School.  With student safety in mind, we ask that you please read the guidelines below and follow them throughout the year.

    For parents with students that attend CB East & Holicong!  The CB East pick-up and drop-off is located in front of CB East. Please do not drop off or pick up Holicong students in front of Holicong “the H” and CB East students at the side entrance of CB East. Holicong and East students use the crosswalk and sidewalk to walk from both schools in the afternoon and the area between the two schools is designated as a parking lot for faculty and staff and drop off for special needs students.  Traffic in this area creates a safety hazard for pedestrians and increases congestion in these areas.  We realize there is traffic on Holicong road and this may seem quicker, but we respectfully request our parents follow our protocols for both safety purposes and model our values for our students.   In the afternoon, cars will have staff and cones at the crosswalks from 2:30 – 2:45 to ensure students are not coming in this area. 

     Please do not drop off students before 7:05 am. We do not have supervision in place for students before this time. 

     There are directional arrows for student drop-off and pick-up this year that are located on the sides of the building near the tennis courts (side of building opposite front office). There is a curb outside for parents to safely drop off or pick up their children – please do not drop off your child on the side of the tennis courts and walk across traffic as this creates a safety hazard.  When dropping off, please follow the loop and drop off your child at the curb and remain in line.  In the past we have had some parents drive around other cars and this does create a safety hazard. 

     Please do not enter the bus entrance between 6:00 AM and 8:30 am or between 2:00 and 3:30 pm.

     Pull fully into the drop-off/pick-up zone in the correct direction. Students should never be dropped off or picked up in an area where they must walk in front of cars. 

     Upon exiting the designated drop-off/pick-up area, it is strongly recommended that you turn right onto Holicong Road and travel towards Route 202. There is a high level of congestion during these times, and this will help alleviate that (and quicker than trying to make a left against CB East traffic).

     Approved walkers and bike riders must arrive and depart the school on sidewalks and avoid parking lot areas.


    The reality is that Holicong Road does not create the ideal situation for heavy traffic and with a middle and high school located adjacent to one another and Holicong road used as “thru-traffic” to get to 202.  Please note the road and parking areas are heavily congested during student arrival/dismissal times.  We strongly recommend that students ride the bus in the to alleviate this congestion, and the frustration it can sometimes cause with drivers.

    PARENT SUPPORT: For our parents that drive in the morning, we do ask that you allow yourself more time due to traffic and abide by the processes above.  These rules are in place for student and staff safety, which is the first priority for the administration of Holicong Middle School.

    We thank you for following the guidelines above and helping us keep the students, staff, and visitors of Holicong Middle School safe.