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    Cell Phone/Personal Electronic Communication Device Policy


    2023-2024 Holicong Cell Phone-Electronic Device Policy.docx


    CBSD POLICY:  Unless directed by a teacher, for academic purposes, the use of cell phones/electronic devices during the school day is prohibited.  All cell phones/electronic devices should be in the “power off” position and kept out of sight during school hours.  It is recommended that they stay in the students' lockers. The use of electronic imaging devices associated with cell phones/electronic devices or any similar type of communications technology is strictly prohibited at all times.

    At times, students may be told by teachers that they may go and get their devices from their lockers for an activity or a lesson. Immediately following the lesson, the devices should be returned to the student's locker. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    If a message needs to be given to your child, please call the office and we will get the message to them as soon as possible, without disrupting the class. If your child is ill or has another issue, they may ask to see the nurse or guidance counselor at any time.  This is consistent with CBSD Policy 829 – Personal Electronic Communication Devices (PECD).


    DEFINITION of ELECTRONIC DEVICE: These shall include any personal communication device that is not district authorized, including mobile telephones and smartphones; any device that can capture still images or movies; any device that can record, store, display, transmit, or receive audio or video; any device that can provide a connection to the Internet (whether wireless or wired); laptops and tablet computers; electronic gaming systems; pagers; e-readers; & laser pointers.



    1. Maintain the integrity of the academic environment.
    2. Keep personal property, not necessary for academic endeavors, protected and secure from loss, theft, and damage.
    3. Respect personal privacy of students and staff in the school.
    4. Ensure students do not connect to websites/social media sites/other resources that are prohibited and blocked by Central Bucks School District.
    5. Ensure devices are not used to take pictures or videos of individuals without their permission.


    ENFORCEMENT OF POLICY: It can be a challenge for faculty and staff to enforce this policy.  A majority of our students own these devices and bring them to school.  There are instances when a text could be sent, picture taken, or some other non-instructional use of the phone during class or other times during the day.  In order to minimize the potential to use the devices for non-instructional purposes and avoid conflicts with staff, we have set these explicit expectations:

    1. Students are required to “power off” cell phones/PECD’s and when arriving to school.
    2. Students are directed to leave cell phones/PECD’s in their lockers during the school day. 
    3. Students should not have a cell phone/PECD in class at any time unless directed by a staff member.


    CONSEQUENCES:  The following progressive consequences are in place for students that violate this policy:

    1. First Infraction: The device will be confiscated and given to the appropriate personnel (administrator, dean, resource officer or office staff).  The infraction will be noted and students will be given back the device at the end of the school day.
    2. Second Infraction: Process for 1st infraction and student will be assigned an administrative detention. 
    3. Third Infraction: Process for 2nd infraction but device will be confiscated by administration for parent/guardian to pick up at Holicong.  This will result in a possible conference with school officials and progressive disciplinary consequences.


    PARENT/CAREGIVER SUPPORT: With the increased use of these devices and disruption caused by these devices during the school day, we need the support of our parents/caregivers to ensure students adhere to this policy.  Please help us by:

    1. Refrain from sending text messages or calling students on their cell phone/PECD during the instructional day.  If there is an emergency and you need to reach your child immediately, contact the front office at 267-893-2700.
    2. Ensuring students come to the nurse and/or front office if they need to contact you during the school day.  We have seen an increase in students’ texting parents to come to school to pick them up because they do not feel well.  Our school policy is that if students do not feel well, they are to come to the nurse’s office and see our licensed nurse.  The nurse will contact parents if the student is ill to determine next steps.
    3. If a student needs to reach out to you during the day – please have them just ask a staff member or administrator – we would typically allow a student to contact a parent – all they have to do is ask!


    We appreciate the support of the Holicong community!