• Holicong Information & Middle School Information
    Please see below for the Holicong bell schedules, building maps, CBSD MS Schedule Information, & other information. 
    • Holicong Bell Schedules - Includes regular schedule, 2-hour delay schedule, and Intervention & Enrichment and Extended Advisory schedule.


    • CBSD Middle School Assessment & Grading Practices -  This includes the CBSD middle school assessment & grading philosophy, grading breakdown, explanation of formative & summative assessments, and our reassessment philosophy and guidelines.


    • Holicong Building Map: This map includes the 1st & 2nd floor layout with teacher and room assignments and locker numbers.


    • Middle School Handbook & Code of Conduct:This includes school district policies and procedures for all students.  All students are required to read this and sign to verify they have read the policies and will abide by them during the school year. 


    • New Student FAQ: This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) was created by Student Council based on student experience at Holicong.  A great resource for incoming 7th graders, new students to Holicong, and really good advice for ALL students!


    • CBSD Middle School Schedule Information: This packet includes an overview of the entire middle school schedule, including sample schedules and explanations of the "music vs. non-music" tracks.  This is based on the TRADITIONAL SCHEDULE (not hybrid or virtual models).


    • CBSD Middle School Mission & Philosophy: This work was created by all middle school stakeholders in CBSD: students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, cabinet members, and school board members during our work with the schedule change in 2016-2017.



    • ALICE - CBSD Parent FAQ: This resource was created to answer questions from parents regarding ALICE procedures & protocols.