Welcome to Team 7-0!
    A Single Voice Can Make a Multitude of Difference
     Team 7-0’s theme is “A single voice can make a multitude of difference.”  As a member of Team 7-0, you will have many learning opportunities to uncover ways that you can make a positive difference in your life, school, and world.  In this first year of middle school, you will grow as a student and young adult, meeting new friends and creating myriad fun memories.
     Team 18-19

    Team 7-0 Teachers

    Ms. Ambrosini

     Team Leader


    Ms. Ambrosini

    Mrs. Gilliam/Mrs. Rickert

    Mrs. Hampstead

    Mr. Hilbert

    Mrs. Schmitt

    Mrs. Trammell

    ELA A & B


    Mrs. Dufresne

    Mrs. Paglione

    Mrs. Smith



    Mrs. Lovuolo

    Mrs. Madden



    Mr. Barno

    Mr. Willard

    Social Studies


    Ms. D’Arcangelo

    Mrs. Frymoyer

    Special Education

    Technology Help
    • To become a Parent Observer in Canvas please follow the steps outlined in this link: Canvas Parent Observer
    • Open the direction sheets to add your student email account to your iPhone or Android device: