Welcome to Team 7-0!  We're excited to meet you!
    A Single Voice Can Make a Multitude of Difference
     Team 7-0’s theme is “A single voice can make a multitude of difference.”  As a member of Team 7-0, you will have many learning opportunities to uncover ways that you can make a positive difference in your life, school, and world.  In this first year of middle school, you will grow as a student and young adult, meeting new friends and creating myriad fun memories.
    Get Curious!
    Get Involved! 
    7th Grade Supply List

    One pack of No. 2 pencils 

    One pack of black or blue pens

    One pack of colored pencils 

    Two highlighters  

    AAAA batteries (for computer pen; 4 recommended)

    One expanding file

    One spiral notebook (for Math)  

    Two black & white marbled composition books (one for Science & one for ELA)

    Calculator capable of working with fractions; TI30 for example

    Pocket-size pack of tissues

    An SSR/independent reading book 

    Two packs of Post-it notes (3x3)  

    Four packs of index cards (4x6)