• Congratulations on receiving your new Elitebook laptop!  We believe you will find this to be a valuable tool that will enhance instruction. 

    Please follow the steps below to prepare for your new device.


    1) Prior to Laptop Handout

    Preparing for Laptop Trade-In Document

    • Save browser Favorites
    • Save Desktop Documents
    • Save Quick Access documents, folders, and pictures
    • Remove external devices (USB, wireless tools)

    Sign Laptop User Agreement


    user agreement

    Click the Image to Access the online Laptop Agreement

    2) Laptop Handout Day

    Use the Edge Browser to Access the Setup Sway



    Click the Image to Access the Elitebook Website



    Additional Elitebook Resources


    3) Customizing your Laptop

    Elitebook Customization Handout

    • Changes:
      • Change defaults and homepage
      • Change power settings
      • Change computer name in AirServer
      • Unpin/Pin to Task Bar
      • Arrange tiles in Start Menu
    • Setup:
      • Pen Controls
      • Sign-in features
      • Rotation Lock Settings
      • Projection Settings
      • OneNote Notebooks
      • Notifications in TEAMS
      • Import Favorites


    4) Using your Laptop

    Inking Tutorial

    • Digital Inking
    • Windows Ink, Sketchpad, Word

    Bookmarking/Office 365

    • Bookmarking Sites
    • Open Office 365

    One Drive/Common Naming Convention for Students

    • One Drive
    • Saving Files/Common Naming Convention


    • Splitting the Screen
    • Touch Keyboard
    • Zooming

    Misc Features

    • Windows Taskbar
    • Apps, Search, Task View
    • Power, WiFi, Volume


    5) Teaching from your Laptop

     Wireless Projection

     Wireless Display Adapters for Teachers


    6) Caring for your Laptop

    Regular Maintenance

    Restart your computer regularly (2-3 times a week) 

    Cleaning your Screen

    Only use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen.

    Storing your Device

     If it is necessary to leave your laptop in a parked car, please ensure that it is not visible.

     Lost or Stolen Laptops

    Please report to the school principal within 48 hours and provide a police report to the Technology and Innovation department within one week. Failure to abide by these procedures will result in the full replacement cost being billed to the employee.


    You are responsible for entering a Help Desk ticket for any laptop damage.  The ticket should include a detailed explanation of the incident to ensure that the issues is resolved properly. A loaner device will be provided if needed.


    The Technology and Innovation department provides one charger, one pen* and one travel dock*(when applicable*) per device.  Any additional or replacement pens/chargers/travel docks are at the expense of the employee.  These tools are to be handed back in when the device is collected back from the employee.  An online store is available to purchase additional equipment:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/4034