• Tech Tip 1.2017

    Posted by BRIAN NOVICK on 1/4/2018

    What is One Tab?

    • OneTab is a browser extension (Chrome and Firefox) that converts all your tabs into a single list with a click of a button.






    Why should you use it?

    • It will keep you organized.
    • It will help you save web sites (even if you close your browser or restart your computer).
    • It will speed up your computer.

    How do you get started?

    • To install One Tab click here. (Installation will only take a few seconds).
    • A blue “V” icon will be installed on the top right of the web browser.
    • Anytime you want to save/condense the tabs you have open, click the blue ‘v’ icon and all your tabs will close and be converted to a list in the OneTab.  You can rename, save or 


     Where can I find more information?


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  • EliteBook Features: Using your fingerprint or facial recognition to login.

    Posted by BRIAN NOVICK on 10/29/2017



    The new EliteBook x360 provides multiple options for users to login.  Users can log in using a password, their fingerprint or facial recognition.  Quick guides are provided below if you would like to use your fingerprint or facial recognition to speed up the process.  

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  • Canvas: Using the Calendar

    Posted by BRIAN NOVICK on 10/24/2017


    What is the difference between an event and an assignment?

    • Canvas designates an event for an 'assignment' not submitted through Canvas.   
    • Example
      • Complete pg. 25:1-31 odd
      • School Event: "The field trip is on Friday"
    • An assignment is submitted through Canvas (graded or ungraded"
    • Example
      • Narrative Essay with a due date.

    Tip #1: Identify the course when posting an event or announcement.

    • Instead of writing "HW: Study for the quiz, " say "ELA HW: Study for the quiz.

    labeled cal

    Tip #2: Encourage Students to use the Agenda View





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