• April 22, 2024

      Dear Central Bucks School Community,

      In recent weeks, the situation between Israel and Palestine and the conversations surrounding this conflict have caused tension for some of our students and parents. We have investigated reports of hate speech and inappropriate comments about both Muslim and Jewish members of our school community. There is no space or tolerance in our school community for Antisemitism, Islamophobia or any other forms of discrimination or hate. We will do all we can to address this in a way that supports our students and staff.

      The Central Bucks School District is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment for all students and employees. Our goal is to ensure that no one in our community is a victim of harassment, bullying, or intimidation. Anyone who has been a victim of discriminatory harassment, bullying or hazing is urged to report the incidents to school administrators. We appreciate parents speaking with their children about the importance of respecting others, both in their actions and their language.

      Our staff actively focuses on developing positive relationships with our students and whenever possible and appropriate, we try to help students navigate challenging topics and difficult conversations.


      Recently, some of our administrators had the honor of sitting down with high school students from a Muslim Student Association and a Jewish Student Union who came together in a joint conversation. In respectful, honest, and thoughtful ways, these students shared with each other the impact the conflict in the Middle East has had on them. These students are planning to hold a Cultural Connections event with each other.  They demonstrate the power of student voice and the importance of compassionately working to understand different perspectives. Their work is admirable, and truly an example to be emulated.


      For those celebrating Passover this evening, we wish you a meaningful celebration. The timing of this letter is not meant to be insensitive in any way. This letter was prepared and ready to be sent last week when an unforeseen administrative emergency shifted our communication timing. Thank you for your grace and support as we work toward unity, respect, and compassion.


      On behalf of the Central Bucks School Board and Administration, thank you for your support for all of our students and staff.


      Karen Smith                                                Dr. Jim Scanlon                           

      School Board President                           Acting Superintendent