• Live audio stream of meetings of the Board of School Directors and its committees.

    (only available during a live meeting)
    Please press the Play button if the audio does not begin automatically. 
    If the meeting does not start at the scheduled time you may need to refresh your browser occasionally until the stream starts. 

    Please note: 
    • Pre-meeting live performances are not streamed because of the potential for copyright algorithms flagging the performance and suspending the stream.
    • If you experience any issues while listening to the stream, you may wish to refresh your browser or attempt to listen from another device or browser.
    • Because these meetings are streamed live, the potential exists that any number of technical issues could impact the audio stream.  On occasion, we may be unable to remedy some issues prior to the conclusion of the meeting.  We apologize in advance if that occurs.   If there are issues with the live audio stream, please look for an audio recording of the meeting under Board Podcasts in the days following the meeting.