Unified Art - Pilot @ CB South

  • 8060 Unified Art (This is a Pilot Course only offered at CB South)

    (9 weeks every day, .5 credit)

    Unified Art is an elective course that offers a unique opportunity for students of varying ability levels and backgrounds to collaborate and serve as both, a peer mentor and learner. This course is designed to provide students (with and without disabilities) the opportunity to experience art in a modified and safe environment. The focus of this course is on the academic and social growth of all participants. Engaging in art alongside peers will support and foster social relationships within the school community. This course will allow each student to gain an appreciation and understanding of the various abilities that are present in an artistic setting.  Students interested in taking this elective must submit an online peer mentor application.  The district Art Coordinator will reach out to any student interested in this course to provide the application.