• High School Art Curriculum

    Students planning to major in art are encouraged to incorporate a variety of courses into their curriculum planning.



    The Central Bucks art program is designed to offer all students personal enrichment as well as provide a high quality program of studies for the students who are planning an art or art-related career. These courses are part of a K-12 sequential course of studies in the visual arts that integrates learning about the arts with other subject disciplines. All High School art courses contain the four components of a Discipline-Based Art Education program, which are aligned with the PA Standards for the Arts and Humanities: Art Production, Art History, Art Criticism, Aesthetics and Philosophy. The emphasis is on skills and the thinking and planning processes which develop works of art. There are four 18 week sequential levels; Art 1, Art 2, Art 3 and Art 4. Each curriculum follows the state and national standards with DBAE based outcomes and includes oral, written and performance based assessments. The philosophy of the program is art for all students, relating art to life and community issues.