• These courses involve students in the understanding of a 35 mm camera and digital cameras. Each student must have access to an SLR 35 mm camera and a fee is charged for supplies used in these courses. Students will develop and enlarge their work and become involved in various darkroom and photography techniques. Students will also study photography history and gain an understanding of chemical knowledge pertaining to black and white photography. There are four 9 week sequential levels Photography 1, Photography 2, Photography 3 and Photography 4. Each curriculum follows the state and national standards with DBAE based outcomes and includes oral, written and performance based assessments.


    These courses meet in a 90 minute block for 9 weeks.

    Photography 1
    Students will study the basic principles of exposing, developing, and printing 35mm black and white film. Care and use of a camera and darkroom equipment and the fundamentals of good photography will be emphasized. Cultural influences on the artist /photographer and historical development of the media will be studied.
    Photography 2
    This class offers a continued study of specific black and white skills including the use of the darkroom for photo manipulation. This course is designed to allow additional darkroom time and add specific skills involved with black and white photography.
    Photography 3
    Photography 3 encourages experimentation with advanced techniques using the camera and darkroom and moves into an introduction of the digital image. Further study of the artist/photographer's role in society , career exploration, and portfolio development will be pursued.
    Photography 4
    This course is open to students who wish to refine advanced skills using photographic equipment, digital cameras and computers. Students will have maximum use of the darkroom in order to develop their own portfolio.