• Why are yearbooks so expensive?

    Each yearbook costs CB West about $80 from the publisher. This is due to the hardcover and full color layout. Books with color printing on every page are expensive to produce!

    If yearbooks cost you $80, how can you sell them for $70 during the Back to School Special?

    We take a loss on all books sold during September, because it's better for us in the long run to earlier determine how many we will need to order! We make up this loss through our sale of Baby Bucks and "leftovers".

    What does it mean to pre-order?

    Pre-orders are accepted through May. Payment and order forms are required to reserve a book. Once pre-orders are closed, we are no longer able to "save' books for individual students.

    I forgot to pre-order. Can I still get a yearbook?

    We sometimes have a few boxes of extra yearbooks for sale AFTER pre-ordered books have been distributed. These are on sale for $85.

    I forgot to get my Senior Photo. Will I still be in the yearbook?

    If seniors forget to attend the summer photo session, there is one "Last Chance" sitting in September. If you do not attend the last sitting, you can go to LifeTouch Studio in Bensalem to have your senior photo taken. If this is before the cut off of November 10, it will appear in the yearbook. Make sure to tell your photographer to email it to Mrs. Ferraro if the rest of the senior photos have already been sent. If the senior did not have a portrait taken, their name will appear under "Not Photographed" in the Senior Section.

    I don't go by my given name. Can my nickname appear in the yearbook?

    Since yearbooks are a public record, we use the name that the student is registered under. If you go by an alternative name, contact your house principal and guidance counselor for name change approval.