Co-Curricular After School Ensembles

    Leading the Way

    Music Department Statement of Policy for High School After-School Ensembles
    In order to be part of ANY after-school musical select ensemble, the student must be a member in good standing of the Band, Orchestra, or Chorus class. (Note: Music Theory and Music Technology classes are not considered a performance class for these purposes.)

    Students will be auditioned and selected by the director on an annual basis.

    Students must be enrolled for at least three marking periods.


    • MBIT students.
    • Transfer students with unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

    Statement of Philosophy:
    For many years, the music staff has offered a number of different enrichment opportunities to students, from string ensembles to woodwind quintets to barbershop quartets to jazz bands. We feel these are not a replacement for the regularly scheduled class, but are a supplement to our performing courses that allow interested and talented students greater in-depth opportunities for achievement.
    We believe it is not educationally sound to have students who are not enrolled in the school music courses to participate in these enrichment activities. The classroom offers opportunities to explore literature, to develop part-awareness within the ensemble, and to grow technically and musically. Students not involved in the classroom miss out on these significant group and individual learning opportunities. The classroom is the only venue that offers the musical instruction and fosters the skill developments that are essential to high quality ensemble performance.

    Revised Spring 2013 to comply with School Board Policy #137.1