Curricular Music Electives

Music Theory

  • Music Theory develops the basic rudiments of music and introduces functional harmony studies. This course is designed for music performers who wish to further their musical understanding. This course is also intended to prepare students for Advanced Placement Music Theory.

    • Recommended for all Band, Choir, and Orchestra students.
    • Helps build skills that will develop leadership in other music ensembles. 
    • 18 week course. A/B schedule, .5 credit

AP Music Theory

  • AP Music Theory provides an in-depth study of the processes of music performance, composition, and analysis by focusing on the development of (1) complex aural skills, (2) skills in written analysis of functional harmony, (3) sight singing techniques, (4) musical composition skills, (5) keyboard skills, and (6) understanding of musical form and history. Students who take this course should have acquired basic skills in vocal or instrumental performance.


    Students taking this course should plan to take the Advanced Placement Music Theory Test given in May. AP weighted-Grade Course.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Music Theory OR a passing score on the Elective Placement Test.



    36 week course. every other day, 1 credit

Music Technology

  • This course allows students to explore computer applications used for both home and professional music studios in the field of audio engineering. Each music technology lab is equipped with iMAC computers and the Pro Logic apps suite. Students will learn in a hands-on environment using software to experiment with music production techniques. Students will learn practical skills related to audio mixing/mastering, music notation, recording techniques, and synthesized sound.    

    Prerequisite: None

    • Recommended that students take Music Theory to get the full experience from Music Technology
    • 18 week course. A/B schedule, .5 credit

Music Creation/Production/Marketing

  • Focused on the creation, production and marketing of new musical content. The course will include analysis of musical structure, lyrics, chord patterns, and arranging. Additionally, students will learn how to foster relationships with local businesses and charitable organizations. Upon completion, students will come away with at least one finished or reworked song and a plan to promote it through digital media and/or portfolio/website.  Students will have access to instruments like piano, guitar, drums, bass, and digital media.

Musical Technical Theater

  • This hands-on course will focus on all aspects of musical theater production: including stage tech, set design, sound, lighting.  In addition, students will get a brief overview of the history of musical theater and learn the important trends and ideas in the world of musical theater today.  The course will culminate in projects and performances that show an understanding of all aspects of musical theater and will provide a foundation for a future in musical theater.