High School Health & Physical Education Curriculum



    7061 PE/Health (9 weeks, every day .5 credit)
    7062 PE/Health (18 weeks A/B, .5 credit)

    This required, coeducational course integrates the development of physical fitness and sports with units of study aimed at instilling health knowledge, desirable personal habits, positive attitudes, and good decision-making skills. This process of learning about the needs and care of the human mind and body is essential for optimal living.


    7069 Stress Management and Healthy Living (9 weeks A/B, .25 credit)

    This elective, coeducational course provides students an opportunity to learn about stress, its causes, and various ways to effectively handle its impact on their life. Topics covered include: What is stress?, exercise, relaxation, nutrition, awareness based interventions, and behavioral techniques.  Various techniques will be practiced throughout the course and appropriate clothing is required to participate.


    7562 Advanced Health (9 weeks, .5 credit)

    This nine-week course is designed for students with an interest in health or medicine. Course content includes the study of basic anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the human body. The focus of the course will be how to analyze the impact of a disease or a life/health problem on the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the individual.  Various techniques will be practiced throughout the course and appropriate clothing is required to participate.


    Unified Physical Education (18 weeks A/B, .5 credit )

    Unified Physical Education is an elective course that offers a unique opportunity for students of varying ability levels and backgrounds to collaborate and serve as both, a peer mentor and learner. This course is designed to provide students (with and without disabilities) the opportunity to experience all forms of sport activities in a modified, recreational, and safe environment. The focus of this course is on the physical, intellectual, and social growth of all participants. Engaging in physical activity and sport alongside peers will support and foster social relationships within the school community. This course will allow each student to gain an appreciation and understanding of the various physical and mental abilities and disabilities that can be present in a physical activity setting. Students interested in taking this elective, must submit their peer mentor application to the guidance office and the Health and Physical education department for review.

    CB WEST Student Application

    CB EAST Student Application

    CB SOUTH Student Application


    7064 Team Sports (9 weeks, A/B, .25 credit)


    This nine-week course is designed for students in grades 10-12 who enjoy the competition of team sports. Activities include team handball, floor hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, netball and other team activities that require cooperation, leadership, and decision-making skills. Emphasis will be on team participation and strategic competition within a sport. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    7065 Lifetime Sports (9 weeks, A/B, .25 credit)


    This course is designed for students who enjoy individual competition and recreational activities. The course will highlight exposure to activities that can be carried over to adulthood and help students assume responsibility for their own wellness through constructive use of leisure time. Students will gain knowledge of activities such as tennis, table tennis, badminton, Frisbee, walking, pickleball, archery, golf, and bowling. 



    7066 Personalized Fitness (9 weeks, A/B, .25 credit)


    This course is designed for students in grades 10-12 with an interest in improving their physical conditioning. Students will be developing personal fitness goals and creating a personal fitness plan while in class. They will receive instruction in all aspects of fitness: including nutrition, lifting techniques, kettle bells, bands, yoga, free weights, medicine balls, and other cutting edge training. Various forms of cardiovascular training will be studied in class. 



    7063 Fitness Trends (9 weeks, A/B, .25 credit)


    This elective course is designed for students who want to enhance all components of fitness. Activities may include, but are not limited to: step aerobics, walking, kickboxing, yoga, pilates and more.  



    7068 Aquatic Conditioning  CB-East and CB-South only (9 weeks, A/B, .25 credit)


    Aquatic Conditioning is an elective course for students and student athletes who want to get in shape or remain in shape and who are working toward optimum health. This course includes lap swimming, leg and arm work, timed workouts, endurance training, heart monitoring, and more. Student athletes are encouraged to elect this course to get into shape, relieve stress and muscle problems during the sports season, and stay in shape after the season concludes.