Elementary Health & Physical Education Curriculum


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    Physical Education:
    The elementary physical education curriculum in the Central Bucks School District provides activities to enable the students to develop a broad range of fundamental skills and experience varied movement activities. Units of instruction include: Personal Responsibility, Cooperative Learning and Problem-Solving, Motor Skills and Movement Patterns, Manipulative Skills, Fitness and Health Concepts, Movement Concepts and Performance, and lastly, Team Play and Strategy. Students are encouraged to explore the space around them and are guided in ways to share this space safely with their classmates.
    Health Education: 
    The comprehensive elementary health education curriculum includes a variety of topics such as personal health, the human body, human growth and development, HIV and AIDS, nutrition, personal safety, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The goal of the health curriculum is not only to increase a student's health knowledge and to create positive attitudes toward their own well-being, but to also promote healthy behavior. Aligned with the Pennsylvania state standards, the health curriculum has been written and created by Central Bucks teachers and staff. 
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