Middle School Health & Physical Education Curriculum

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    7750 Physical Education/Health 7

    This course is a combination of both classroom experiences and physical activity. Emphasis will be placed on fitness, its components, and their relationship to activity. Team sports, individual sports, recreational activities, cooperative activities, drug and alcohol education, safety education, AIDS education and human growth and development will all be part of the seventh grade experience.


    7850 Physical Education/Health 8

    This course is an integration of classroom experiences and physical activity.  The classroom component of this course will focus on fitness, nutrition, decision-making skills, human growth and development, and AIDS education. Students will gain knowledge of applicable body systems, effective communication with adults and peers, injury prevention, peaceful resolution of problems, recognition of at-risk behaviors, and effective refusal skills.  The activity portion of the course will emphasize team sports, individual sports, recreational activities, and cooperative activities. Students will learn teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship; and they will be able to develop the skills necessary to modify activities to suit their own unique needs.


     7950 Physical Education/Health 9

    Health-related fitness is a goal for all students. Knowledge, team work, cooperation, decision-making skills, sportsmanship, and leadership skills are emphasized as objectives for success.

    Areas of study include: Team and Lifetime Sports, Cooperation Activities, HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Growth and Development (Human Sexuality), Physical Fitness, and Healthy Relationships.