This page will be updated throughout the application, selection, & notification process. 
    Keep checking for updates.

    9/19/22 Update:  
    Note to all Applicants:   
    The NHS Faculty Council is currently examining all applications. You may expect to hear from them within 4-5 weeks.  Seniors applying for Early Decision will know their status before the November 1 deadline.  
    You may check this site again for updates on when the letters have been mailed.  
    Induction is scheduled for November 10, 2022 at 7PM.  



    Welcome!  If you are reading this page, it is because you received an email from Mrs. Micucci or Ms. Graney informing you that you are eligible to apply for selection to the C.B. West chapter of the National Honor Society. This letter was delivered to all juniors and seniors who possess the minimum 3.7000 required GPA.  

    Bear in mind that having the appropriate GPA is only the first of FOUR requirements for membership. If you want to be considered for membership, your application must show proof of these additional NHS criteria:

         1. SERVICE to both school & community
         2. LEADERSHIP
         3. CHARACTER

    What exactly is NHS?
    Excellent question!!  National Honor Society is a nationwide service organization.  It is not Honor Roll.  All students who received a letter of eligibility are already Honor Roll students at CB West.  National Honor Society is a national organization whose mission is to promote involvement in school and community service through its membership. Every student inducted into the National Honor Society will be expected to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community and school service each year through our chapter's programs.  Furthermore, there are mandatory fundraisers our chapter members run that are in addition to the twenty hours of service.  NHS is a rewarding organization, but it is important to know that it is also a considerable time commitment.  Please carefully consider whether your schedule permits you to participate in our chapter events.

    What happens now?
    If interested in pursuing membership, you should immediately download the appropriate Junior or Senior application & evaluation forms below and begin getting your necessary forms completed RIGHT AWAY!!   

    Out of respect for your advisers, coaches, and employers, you should give them ample time to complete the forms and return them to you.  
    Do not have the forms sent/emailed to the school or the NHS advisers. You must arrange to pick up each of the sealed* forms because they will need to be included in the submission envelope, along with your application. Do not wait until the last minute, because if forms come back after the deadline, they will not be accepted.
    *To ensure privacy, students are not permitted to read adult verification forms.  They must be submitted in your application packet in signed and sealed envelopes.  

    Applicants may pick up a 9"x12" submission envelope for the application packet in the school library.  We do not provide regular letter envelopes for the evaluation forms. 


    When are the applications due?
    For 2022 applicants, the completed applications + associated evaluation forms are due by 3PM on Friday, September 16 in Mr. Davis's office.  

    What about the Applicant meeting at 2:30PM on Wednesday, September 7, 2022?
    This meeting is strictly optional.  Attendance will not be taken.  The information the advisers will cover during the meeting is already available on the NHS website, in the application, and on this FAQ page. 

    Here's what you need; click each link to open a PDF document & print:




    1. I am a member of Key Club. Can I count those activities towards my service hours?

    You have a choice. You can count Key Club under Section 1 - Service to School, OR you may count your service hours towards Section 3 - Service to Community. Where do you need the credit? You may not "double-dip" and use the same activity under two sections. Be sure to use the Key Club Evaluation Form (instead of the usual School or Community Service Forms) and include it with your completed application.

    2. I participate in lots of activities for my sports booster/parent club. Can I count these as service hours?
    Many sports teams expect their athletes to participate in one or more parent club activities. Many times, the fundraisers and activities benefit your team. As a result, you may not count the hours spent on parent club activities toward Service to Community. The Committee considers this "double-dipping". You are already getting credit under Section 1 - Service to School for the team membership. You cannot get double credit by counting these activities under Section 3 - Service to Community as well, especially when the "community" that is being served is your own sports team. (See #12 for a definition of Service to Community.)
    3. Do activities completed in 9th grade count towards the NHS application?

    NO. You may not include ANY activity that was completed while you were a 9th grade student. You may only count activities completed after the conclusion of your 9th grade year. 
    4.  I participated in a 5K for charity.  Can I count that towards Community Service?
    NO.  Many 5K's, walks, & marathons require participants to pay a registration fee.  The NHS does not believe any member or prospective member should have to pay money to acquire community service hours.  However, if you helped out on race day, that could be an appropriate community service activity.
    5.  What exactly is "Service to School"/"In-School Service Activities"?
    'Service to school', or 'In-School Service Activities' are when you participate in activities or act in a capacity that is for the benefit of your school.  For example, student athletes wear a CBW uniform and engage in competition with other schools.  They serve their school in competition.  Students who participate in Harlequin, or Mock Trial, or many of West's other extracurricular activities are also representing and serving their school.  Even clubs like Interact, Cooking for the Community, and BARC are CB West clubs that promote service projects in and out of school.  HOWEVER, clubs like Ski Club, Stock Market Club, and Future Healthcare Workers of America are gatherings of students with similar interests, but they do not engage in activities that represent or serve their school.  If you have any questions about whether an extracurricular activity is appropriate for Section I: In-School Service, please see Ms. Graney or Mrs. Micucci.

    6. Can I count my Choir/Concert Band/Orchestra class for Section I - In-School Service?
    Any class you take for CB West academic credit may not be counted as service to school. Even the hours after school and the concerts are requirements.  If you have any questions, please discuss them with your teacher or an NHS adviser before listing them on your application.
    7. What does the Committee consider as 'Leadership'?

    Most importantly, leadership must be appointed or elected. Many of you possess "leadership skills"; that is not disputed. However, in order to apply the same criteria to all applicants fairly and consistently, the C.B. West chapter requires a more tangible demonstration of leadership. Many students have leadership roles in student government, sports, scouting, religious organizations, and at places of employment. Making an ongoing commitment to teaching Sunday School, coaching Little League, or being a Camp Counselor have been considered leadership roles by the Council in the past. See Section II of the Application for more examples.  If your leadership position is questionable, see an NHS adviser for advice.

    8. What if I can't get one of my Activity Evaluation forms back before the application deadline?
    The deadline is set in stone. Any form not received by 3PM on the due date will not be considered. Considering eligibility letters were sent home in June, nearly three months should be enough time to adequately complete the application and procure all documentation.

    9. What if I'm absent the day the application is due?
    The deadline is set in stone. Absent or not, the application is due by 3PM on the due date. Letters are sent out early enough to provide you with almost 3 months to get all of your forms collected and the application completed.  Perhaps not waiting until the last minute to turn in your application will eliminate the worry of missing the due date.

    10. How does the Faculty Council determine whether I meet the requirement for "good character"?
    Good character is one of the four tenets of National Honor Society members. The Council gauges this by checking the discipline record of each applicant. Any record of cheating, plagiarism, intentional dishonesty, suspensions, violations of school rules and policies during the previous school year would disqualify a student from membership in NHS. This applies to criminal & civil offenses in the community as well. Additionally, any dishonesty in completing this application would disqualify a student from membership.  However, if the infraction took place during your sophomore year, and now you are a senior, the Faculty Selection Council will consider your application as long as you include the CHARACTER ESSAY in your application packet.  Students who have not had a discipline referral or character infraction do not need to complete this essay.

    11. Can I get my parents, or a relative, to write a letter verifying leadership or community service?
    Because of the obvious conflict of interest, unfortunately, the Council cannot consider activities that are only verified by parents and/or relatives. Usually, an outside person can still be asked to verify your participation. It is rare that there is no one else affiliated with an activity that would necessitate a family member writing the letter. If you encounter this situation, see Mrs. Micucci or Ms. Graney for suggestions.

    12. How does the Council define "Service to Community"?
    Service to Community is seen as volunteering in meaningful activities that serve the needs of the general community. The general community is seen as existing beyond family and school, and represents not-for-profit organizations. For example, a student who volunteers to address envelopes at a realtor's office, or does non-compensated work for a business, is not serving the needs of the larger community, but benefiting a group of for-profit individuals.  A student who does landscaping for a neighbor is doing a kind deed, but is not benefiting the greater community.  There are many not-for-profit organizations in the Central Bucks community that would benefit greatly from having our students volunteer to help them. Of course, any activity for which you receive compensation, or have paid to participate will not be considered under this section.

    13. I cleaned out my closets and/or cupboards and donated the contents to a charitable organization/food bank. Can this count as 'Service to Community'?
    The Faculty Selection Council believes that community service should be an ongoing, participatory activity. Donating clothes, toys, or food is a charitable activity, but does not fit the description of ongoing, participatory involvement.  

    14. I just joined a new club this year. Can I count it under Section 1 - In-School Service?
    Unless you have already participated in activities with this club by the time of the application due date, the Council will not consider clubs that you have just joined; or clubs or sports that you intend to join this year. Likewise, if you have been newly appointed the leader of a club or sports team, unless you have actually served in that position prior to the application due date, the Council cannot consider that leadership position until the following year.

    15. As a junior, I don't think I meet all the requirements for membership this year. Can I reapply next year?
    As long as your GPA remains a 3.7000 or above, you will be invited to apply again as a senior. Every year the NHS inducts both juniors and seniors in the fall. The advantage to waiting until your senior year is that you can spend your junior year working on whatever area you need to enhance. 

    16. What about babysitting or lifeguarding? Can I count those as leadership or service to community?
    The Faculty Selection Council does not consider babysitting or lifeguarding to be appropriate leadership or community service activities.

    17. To whom can I direct any questions about the application? I would like advice on completing it.
    Mrs. Micucci and Ms. Graney are the advisers of the West chapter of NHS. They act as liaisons between the prospective members and the Faculty Selection Council. They do not choose the members, but know what the Council is looking for. It is in your best interest to direct any questions to them. You should even have them look over your application before you submit it. Advisers can offer helpful tips and advice. You can find Mrs. Micucci in room C106 and Ms. Graney in the library.  Or you can send either adviser an email at cmicucci@cbsd.org or cgraney@cbsd.org.


    18.  Any other advice you can give me?

    It is recommended that students be responsible for all communication with their teachers, coaches, and the NHS advisers regarding their application.  Your parents are not joining the NHS - you are!  Since LEADERSHIP is a pillar of the NHS, students are recommended to take the initiative in all correspondence regarding the application, selection, and reconsideration process.
    19.  If I don't get selected for membership in the NHS, how can I learn more about the Faculty Council's decision?
    Mrs. Micucci and Ms. Graney are present while the Faculty Council selects the members for the NHS.  As such, they are the best people to explain the Council's decision process in your specific case.  Please contact Mrs. Micucci or Ms. Graney to make an appointment to go over your application and discuss your options going forward.  For more information about the CB West NHS reconsideration policy, please click the link to our 'Becoming a Member' webpage and scroll down to the Reconsideration Policy: CB West NHS Reconsideration Policy