• Summer Reading 2020

    We hope to generate lots of enthusiasm for reading during the summer months! Our goal is to have students reading on a regular basis because they choose to do so. We encourage students to choose books that interest them! When students are interested and engaged in a book, reading becomes a meaningful part of their lives.

    Make reading a summer family activity! We encourage you to be involved in conversations with your child about the book they choose. You may even consider reading a book together as a family!

    Elementary Families - Download a list of recommended books.

    Secondary Families
    We are implementing a new program for secondary students this summer that provides them with more CHOICES. Click to visit your school's page, and learn details about what's planned for summer of 2020.

    Thank you for your support. When family plays an active role in their child’s reading life, students can witness firsthand the role reading can play in their lives.


    Alyssa M. Walloff, Ed.D.
    Supervisor of K-12 Language Arts & Middle School and High School Gifted Services and Career Plan

    Nadine M. Garvin, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education

    Abram Lucabaugh, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education