CB Career Plan


    CAREER PLAN 9-12


    The CBSD Career Plan takes high school students on a four-year journey of self-assessment, career research, and discovery of post-secondary options.  Career Plan 9-12 incorporates Pennsylvania’s Career Education and Work Standards to ensure that all CBSD students will have the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the rapidly changing workplace.

    Using Naviance, students will take various surveys to identify their unique skills and aptitudes and discover what “sparks” their interests.  They will use specific research tools to investigate which career pathways are best suited to their skills and interests.  Each year of the Career Plan, students will reflect upon their grade-level activities and use their newly-gained insights to make decisions about program planning, extra-curricular participation, and community engagement. 

    Upon successful completion of ALL required components of Career Plan 9 – 12, students will receive 0.5 Performance Assessment Credit required for graduation.

  • 9th grade      10th grade

    11th grade      12th grade