• You must speak with your Guidance Counselor before considering any of the options below.


    Students who are earning credit via a 217 policy (by evaluation or online course) may use a CB Canvas course created by our teachers.

    Students work through the courses on their own or with a tutor and then must score an overall of 85% or higher on our final assessments: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.


    Other scenarios where students may find it helpful to use these courses...


    Students who finish level 1 with a D or F may use these courses over the summer so that they may go on to level 2. Students in this scenario must take the final assessments (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) and earn an overall of 70% or higher in order to move on. They may also be placed back into level 1 if they do not successfully use these courses to remediate. There are two testing dates in August, you must speak to your Guidance counselor to be sure that this is the right option for you.

    Any student who earned a C- or higher during the actual in-school class must go on to the next level course.


    Students who earn a C- in level 1 who would like to solidify and improve their understanding of concepts in level 1 BEFORE taking the level 2 course may also find these courses useful.


    CB teachers are not obligated to work through these courses with students.

    You must speak with your Guidance Counselor before considering any of the options above - some scenarios require approved paperwork .


    Enrollment links to the courses are below:

    Spanish 1 https://cbsd.instructure.com/enroll/XBDRMY

    Spanish 2 https://cbsd.instructure.com/enroll/3DYTXL

    French 1 https://cbsd.instructure.com/enroll/X4CBE4

    French 2 https://cbsd.instructure.com/enroll/B8LP47