Robotics Club 2019/2020



    DESCRIPTION: Do you want to control the robots OR do you want THEM to control YOU? In the Robotics Club we will learn how to build Robots. The excitement is in the designing and building process. We will use Circuit Playground Express, Arduino and Raspberry Pi to begin, then branch out to other platforms. We are looking to begin a Smart Robotic Racetrack Competition for Central Bucks Schools- https://www.cbsd.org/Page/23589.

    How to join the C.B West Robotics Club and other information:

    1. Email me- ldrake@cbsd.org.

    2. Purchase an Arduino Kit- Here is the link to the Elegoo Super Starter kit and on-line lessons for Arduino. I will cover lessons during club time, but I wanted to add a link on-line in case you cannot make meetings or want to move further along with the kit. Also, please email me if funds are tight and you cannot purchase an arduino kit. CB West Robotics can lend you a kit.

    4. For returning club members who already built the smart car robot AND went through the Arduino kit, please email me ideas for your use of club time. I will also teach you Python language with learning the Raspberry Pi microcomputer and we will build an even Smarter Car with Artificial Intelligence using information found here. Materials for this robot can be purchased through me OR you can borrow materials from CB West Robotics.

    5. Assist in starting the Smart Robotic Racetrack Competition for younger students.

    6. Mentor middle school students with the Arduino Kit.

    7. Just stop by and build a really cool robot!



    Mr. Drake, ldrake@cbsd.org

    CB West Robotics e-mail - for now ldrake@cbsd.org

    Thursdays & Fridays during Lunch and Learn