• school gate guardian The Central Bucks School district utilizes the "School Gate Guardian" visitor management system to monitor access to our schools.

    All 23 schools are equipped with an external buzzer. Main office personnel monitoring the buzzer request that visitors identify themself and the purpose for the visit before allowing entry into the school. The visitor management system is a computerized security program that offers many features to protect our community from outside threats. School visitors will be required to provide a state issued photo ID once buzzed into the office by the school receptionist.

    The system scans the name, photo, and date of birth of the visitor, and compares this identity with the national sex offender registry.  If a positive match occurs, district personnel will be immediately and discreetly alerted. To prevent false positives, the system compares a photograph of the actual registered sex offender to the visitor. Central Bucks School District is storing the minimally required data with regards to the new visitor management system: photo, first name, middle name, last name, suffix and date of birth. We are not storing driver’s license numbers and we maintain the highest of level security protocols for the protection of this data.

    The visitor management system will print a visitor label. As you leave the school, you will be required to exit through the main office to return your badge and be scanned out of the system.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. These measures are intended to ensure the safety of students and staff.