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  • 4th Grade Mathematics 

         Chapter 1: Working with Whole Numbers 

         Chapter 2: Multiplication and Division 

         Chapter 3: Fractions and Mixed Numbers  

         Chapter 4: Decimals  

         Chapter 5: Conversion of Measurements 

         Chapter 6: Area and Perimeter  

         Chapter 7: Angles and Line Segments 

         Chapter 8: Polygons and Symmetry

         Chapter 9: Tables and Line Graphs 


    Project M3
    Each year, we identify a small group of 4th grade students who could benefit from enrichment in the area of mathematics that is beyond what we can provide through differentiated instruction. To respond to that need, we are utilizing a program titled, Project M3: Mentoring Mathematical Minds. The program has been created with an emphasis on problem solving and mathematical inquiry. 4th Grade Teachers work with the PEN Teacher to use teacher recommendations from the end of 3rd grade along with the students’ performance on the standard 4th Grade beginning of the year universal screener and existing performance data to determine which students are eligible for the program. This program is provided to serve a need that already exists and is not a program students should be working towards. Please understand, this is not an accelerated mathematics class. It is an enrichment group that is monitored by the PEN teacher from each building. Participation in this group has nothing to do with a student's participation in our accelerated mathematics class that starts in 5th grade.

    Information about the 5th Grade Accelerated curriculum is found with the 5th grade mathematics curriculum.